Thursday night nail night

So I tried out my spangly new Maybelline bleached neons polish. I thought it wasn’t quite the right colour for my skin, but Mark said it looked lovely (I am a perpetual disappointment to my husband because I am a groomed princess stuck inside the body of a lazy scruffbag, and he quite likes it when I get jazzed up)

Things I learned:

*Ridge filler doesn’t make a blind bit of difference- it still took three coats of polish to make it look flat
*Don’t paint your nails and then go to bed 45 minutes later, or you will wake up with the imprint of the duvet on your polish
*Maybellline polish is freakishly gloopy and the brush is weirdly long- Found it a bit of a struggle to actually get it on my nails!

Anyway- taadaah! Pinky orangy washed out nails for your delectation (and I only went a tiny bit outside the edges, which I promise I cleaned up with a cotton wool bud!)

…better go buy some new polish for next week!



#BEDM- Being Beautiful

… or attemting it, at least! Today’s ‘blog every day in May’ post is about fashion and beauty and grooming and that sort of thing.

Now I LOVE the idea of fashion and beauty and grooming and that sort of thing and dedicate huge amouts of time to window shopping and reading stuff, but on an everyday basis, I’m pretty slapdash. I’m not saying that I don’t need a little help along the way, but I’ve got reasonable skin, hair that tends to behave itself and am fair, so can get away with being a little lackadasical on the old hair removal front, so on the whole, I’m pretty minimal on the ‘routine’ front.

I have decided though, to try and make a little bit more effort with my nails- I love a bit of nail varnish, and have a veritable rainbow of polishes but the fact that I spend half my life with my hands in cake batter, and a fair portion of the rest of it destroying my nails opening up boxes of stuff at conferences, mean that my hands fall to the bottom of my (short) grooming list.

I was facebook stalking on a conversation that two of the girls I have riding lessons with were having, and they said they did their nails every Thursday night after our lesson, so I decided to take my cue from them and  painted them a minty green colour, in honour of the fact that it matched the tshirt I was going running in on Saturday. Three people commented on how nice it looked over the course of the weekend and on Monday, when it got a bit scruddy looking, and i dutifully took it off with proper remover, in contrast to my usual trick of picking it off over the course of a fortnight.

I also indulged at the weekend in a new colour, a washed out coral from Maybelline’s bleached neons range. I saw a whole blog post about the range and took a liking to the coral heat colour. Can’t for the life of me find the original post now, but who knows, maybe the writer will happen across this and reveal themselves! and also picked up boots cuticle oil (to attempt to counteract my bad bad habit of picking at those bad boys when they start splitting) and a base coat, because I thought that my minty green looked a liittle bit ridgey.

So now i have a slightly greasy ipad screen from my cuticle oil application efforts, and am quite looking forward to Thursday night, when i get to try out my new groovy shade!

Post script- by the powers of the internet the bleached neons blogger has revealled herself- its Briege Flynn, from Rare Opals– one of the many blogs I’m now stalking off the back of Rosalilium’s Blog Every Day in May!