To impatient to wait for…. Thursday night nail night

I am the proud possessor of some new birthday nail stuff- some colours, a rock solid top coat (if the bottle is all it proclaimed to be) and a nail art own which I’m struggling to get to grips with- my toe nails look very… artistic at the moment.

I decided not to wait for my official nail night and got straight down to it yesterday evening. The colour of choice, a Rimmel one- Punk Rock


-it looks almost grey in the picture and it is pretty dark but is actually more of an indigo colour. Its a different shape bottle to most of the other Rimmel nail varnishes, which I’m assuming is because it’s posher (or at least something to do with Kate Moss) but given the choice, the traditional bottle with the thinner lid is a hell of a lot easier to control in my opinion

I’m sure the top coat would have been tip top had I not been quite so impatient and emptied a mop bucket before it was completely dry, so the whole thing has got a wee bit smudged at the edges, but I’m still holding out high hopes- it claims to stay perfect for ten days, you know!  It did dry pretty quickly, and there were definitely none of the dreaded sheet marks this morning, so for now, Sally Hansen for the win