Babywearing continued- views from the general public

So I was in Primark last week, with Sid happily looking around and surveying the action from my new Rockin Baby sling. After the obligatory mooching around and picking up of poorly made but so freaking cheap that I can’t resist clothing I took myself off to the tills to pay. Sid at this point was still just looking about, albeit with a bit of a serious face when the lady who was serving me said ‘I never think babies look particularly comfortable in those’…

Dumbfounded shock for about three seconds, while my head reeled with ‘bugger, is he crying and I’ve tuned it out or something’, but a quick look down indicated all was well, then I struggled to reply ‘eerrrmmm….weeelll… he seems to like it, he likes looking around’. Which was quite polite, I thought, considering what I really should have said was ‘excuse me lady, you do realise that by saying that you’ve just slagged off my parenting choices?… and he’s clearly fine, so why do you bloody care??!’. What answer was she expecting? ‘oh I know, but I’m a horrible mother and enjoy seeing him uncomfortable’???

Why on earth do total strangers feel the need to pass comment? I can’t say I particularly care- but I am extremely bloody minded so once I have an idea in my head I generally see it through, even if the majority of the western world think I’m talking bollocks, but for people that aren’t quite as stubborn as me, I can appreciate someone saying something like that would be a complete knock to your confidence and so I implore you to think before you comment, people- if t’s not your child, it’s none of your bloody business

I’m still slinging Sid up for trips to the shops and while he doesn’t really mindĀ either way if he’s in the sling or the buggy, I like carrying him- For me it’s easier than getting the buggy out, you can sneak through smaller gaps and don’t have to worry about running over people’s feet and it’s a nice excuse to sneak in a twenty minute cuddle while you’re getting on with your day.