About me

Hello to you, I’m Gem.

I’m in my 30s (ha- nice and vague), live in the boring boring suburbs in a very standard semi detached house, with which we wage a constant battle with the decorating) with my husband Mark and tiny son Sid, who was born in February 2015.

I’m currently on maternity leave from a rather boring-sounding adminny type job, which I secretly quite enjoy and so am spending great swathes of my time mincing around meeting friends for coffee and going to rubbish baby groups, which Sid is too young to appreciate.

I am a little bit of a fan of cheese, wine, social history, pub quizzes and naps. I am harbouring a growing appreciation for real ale, and while I like to pretend that I still like listening to new bands,¬†really, I stopped paying attention somewhere back in 2008. I once was a massive fan of gin until I realised it gave me hangovers so bad that they basically induced panic attacks- Strange what alcohol can do to you, isn’t it, but the palpitations and general feeling that the world is closing in around me means I don’t drink gin any more.


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