Hello to you from the future

(If the future is 2017). Well, looks like I gave up on bloggerising for a while, but actually, in a narcissistic way, I’ve very much enjoyed reading back through old outpourings and seeing what I’ve been up to in years gone past, and I really think I should do it some more. Will I keep that up, well, who knows, but maybe!


Current status: I’m 36…I think… I genuinely am having to think about that. What year is it? oh, hang on, no I’m 35. Sorry about that!… I live with Mark and Sid in a house in Hornchurch, which is a different house to the one I lived in with Mark and Sid the last time I wrote anything on this blog. Sid is 2 and a half. Mark is 36. Definitely 36.

We moved house last year- I decided on a whim I wanted to move house, ostensibly before we needed to start thinking about school, and to make it easier to get to our parents, who lived about 15 minutes away. In reality though, I just really wanted to move house, so we did. In July last year, we became temporarily homeless for a week, when the completion of the sale of the old house didn’t quite match up with the completion of the purchase of the new one. Mainly because the last people who lived here were pricks.

Since we moved in, we discovered some major electrical problems (involving the Energy UK coming over to change our fuse board, and managing to shut down power to about 300 houses around us- that made us popular with the new neighbours), a broken dishwasher and oven, the vast majority of windows refusing to open, a rotting shed, and scarily, a real slope to the front half of the house that we’d blindly ignored on the viewings and on the subsequent survey. Consequently, several bank loans later, we have new windows, a new kitchen, two freshly decorated bedrooms, and a lot of toy cars escaping under the sofa- We’re just going to ignore the sloping floors for the time being!

I’m working three days a week, in the same old place I was before I went on maternity leave- they have been bloody good employers, so it seems silly to leave, plus I quite enjoy my job, so there’s no reason to really- I’m not exactly going to be able to rise to any heady heights career-wise, but that’s OK- it’s good to have balance! And Sid’s just started pre-school three mornings a week, which is giving me a bit of time to attempt to speed clean the house, which is an improvement on sitting on facebook while moaning that I don’t have enough time to clean said house.

The history degree alluded to in my last post went for a burton- I did the first unit, loved it, and found it really enjoyable, but then realised I didn’t have 10 grand to spunk on a pointless degree, and if I did have 10 grand, I’d spend it on investigating why my house was so wonky, so I’ve put that on a permanent back-burner.

Sid is currently asleep on the sofa, following a day that has involved a play group, lunch with nanny June and a quick trip to the shops. I should really wake him up soon because it’s 20 past 4, but if I wake him up he’s guaranteed to be an arse- think I might just let him snooze on.

I, however, should really get my shit together and go fold some washing, or put away the toy mountain that seems to explode around the house every day. Or make Sid’s bed again. Followed by making my bed. It doesn’t matter how many times I make those bloody beds, someone creeps under the covers, messes up all the pillows and chucks the cushions on the floor. I can only count myself lucky that he’s not realised the spare bed should get the same treatment! Off I go….


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