One year on- house plans update

A little more than a year on, but in April last year, I was musing on stuff I wanted to do around the house… in a nutshell, this included:

-Sort out the back garden. I don’t think we’re any further on with this than we were last April- it’s looking pretty nice, because the stuff we did do is starting to grow, but there’s still one patchy looking flower bed and we’ve done nothing in the front garden. Mark is also still making noises about putting a path down to the Smadlington Arms

-Decorate and theme the room at the end of the garden. Ah-ha- done! The aforementioned Smadlington Arms. We turned half into a sort of gym, and half into a pub, complete with bar and darts board. It probably deserves its’ own post, because it’s pretty cool

-Paint either the front or back windows. Yeah, we didn’t do this. Really really need to do one side of the house this summer though, cos the frames are going to start rotting if we’re not careful.

Well, the super extension of our dreams is still on the cards, but it’s looking more like 2016, as that’s when we’ll remortgage and might be able to free up a bit of cash. I put a less ambitious plan of decorating the hall, landing and stairs and the back bedroom and box room in place. Actually, that’s not looking too bad- we did the box room, because that’s where Sid lives.

Haven’t got to the back bedroom yet because it’s full of tat, and the hallway et al is a massive massive job so I think that might wait a while, but in its’ place, we’ve totally gutted and redone the bathroom, and our job over the May bank holiday was to give the kitchen a bit of a gussy up- painting’s all done, we just need to put down the new lino.

So in conclusion, I think all I really need to do this year is paint some goddamn windows, plant a few plants and perhaps clear the crap out of the back bedroom and I will be a happy lady


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