Being bothered to put a face on

On the odd occasion over the last ten years or so that I’ve not worn make up, people generally say to me ‘ooh, are you feeling ok’. In fact, I came into the office really early before a conference in November and when I eventually got my makeup bag out, my boss said she was so glad because she thought she was going to have to send me home because I looked so sorry for myself! I’m definitely one of those people that just looks better with a little bit of something on.

In a half arsed attempt to not look like a knackered new mum, even though my clothes are generally covered in dribble, and my hair is attacked with dry shampoo rather than actually washed, I have made a real effort to put on some form of make up every day (except for the days that I will definitely not be leaving the house… oh and the day I came home from hospital- If people thought I looked a bit tired then, they were more than welcome to their opinion!).

I have got make up application down to an extremely fine art now- while Sid reclines on the bed for a bit of a kick around, I get a quick blast of bb cream, translucent powder, highlighter concealer under the eyes, brown eyeliner and mascara, eyebrow colour and tinted vaseline. Takes about 10 minutes and so far I’ve just been told ‘you look well’ (nb- I’ve never done this before, ‘well’ could be code for ‘a bit shit, but she’s just had a baby- humour her’… I’m not sure)

Here’s the makeup…


Unfortunately for me, my skin, which following a small tweak in cleanser and moisturiser was pretty damn brilliant for the whole of pregnancy, has started rebelling again. I said as much to Mark, who said ‘yeah, I thought you were looking a bit blemishy’. Thanks husband, love you too. So I’m trying out all the different amassed cleansers that I have in a box in the bathroom- mainly gifts from the lovely Clarins lady after I had a pregnancy massage last year- I’m hoping one of them will do the trick… And now I’m thinking about that Clarins treatment again… and seriously wondering if I could just go for another- it was brilliant, and really good value…it’s not like they asked me for my scan picture or anything- I could just say I was a little bit pregnant. That’s not weird, is it?


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