Baby bedrooms

I wrote this post in February, just two days before Sid’s arrival- On re-reading the first line, I realise how misguided I was! Three months in and we’ve only just managed to finish off his bedroom, hampered partially by the fact that the custom-made blind we ordered took longer than expected and the pictures for the wall got lost in the post, and partially that once we realised that the only time we actually went in that room was to use the changing mat, we realised there really was no rush to get it completed! Anyway, here it is, in all it’s glory, followed by my optimistic original post!

…I really wanted to get the baby’s bedroom finished well in advance of his arrival. The house was just getting more full of baby stuff which I wanted to put away, and I was losing track of what I’d bought!

Back in October, there was a sale at mothercare, and we bought a cot, wardrobe and chest of drawers that we really liked, which was laying redundant in about a million boxes in the back bedroom, waiting to be assembled. We’d also impulse-bought some grey and white spotty wallpaper, which had taken my fancy in B&Q one weekend, but apart from that, nada.

Over Christmas, once the beautiful bathroom was pretty much finished, we finally found the time to get cracking on the bedroom- First step was the boring prep- wallpaper stripping, rubbing down paintwork, you know the like. Unfortunately, this period of time coincided with me slipping down the stairs and spending a good week lying on the sofa with an icepack on my bum, groaning quite a lot, so I was next to useless. It also coincided with us realising that we really wouldn’t be able to find a plasterer to plaster over the grim artexed monstrosity of a ceiling until about April time, so amazing wonderful Mark threw caution to the wind, borrowed some stuff off of our brother in law and got stuck in to do it himself, in spite of EVERYONE telling him that plastering was ridiculously hard, and he’d basically make a crap job of it.

Plastering, indeed, was ridiculously hard- it took him two days to do the ceiling and a foot and a half of the wall, above the picture rail of a tiny 6ft x 8ft room, when it probably would have taken my bro in law a few hours, but a crap job of it he certainly didn’t do- alright, it’s not a seamless professional job, but it’s absolutely brilliant in my eyes and now it’s been painted, I think you could never tell that he had absolutely no idea what he was doing!

Next step after all the boring prep came painting of woodwork and ceiling and putting up of this weird polystyrene lining paper (the box room is really pretty chilly, so we thought a bit of extra insulation would be a good plan). Mark’s mum came in for ‘operation wallpaper’ as she’s a bit of a master. We didn’t realise that after the initial lining paper had gone up, the instructions tell you to wait until it’s fully dried out before you put the normal wallpaper in. Well, we were on a roll, so decided to throw caution to the wind and just whack the top layer over the lining without bothering to wait for it to dry- It’s polystyrene, we reasoned, and stuck on with some industrial strength paste stuff- it’s not going to just fall off again! After a few days of alarming bubbling, I’m pleased to say everything flattened out just fine

The final phase was to hang about waiting for the carpet to be delivered, until which we couldn’t put the furniture up, as once that stuff was up, it wouldn’t fit out of the door again. After managing to order a carpet that wouldn’t be in stock for ‘probably another month’, it finally came in, was fitted and Mark got to it putting up flat pack on his day off, while I was at work.

We’re up to the ‘final fixtures and fittings’ phase now- Everything’s done, and we’ll be putting up the final bits that will make it look more like home- A blue blind (which had to be custom made because of our ridiculous sized windows), robot lamp, some cool retro robot pictures for the wall and a mobile which I made myself, oh and this rather groovy trolley, which I’m using as a ‘handy bits and pieces/changing station’ and I must say I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve done!


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