Settling into the old routine

Still continuing with my over-immersion in baby stuff ( I’m looking at you), I read that by 8 or 9 weeks, you should be putting a bedtime routine in place. Woefully behind schedule, I floated the idea to Mark. It took a while to get our heads around the idea of Sid being upstairs in bed while we were downstairs watching TV- surely it sort of defeated the idea of him staying in our room for the first six months… and surely it was a bit pointless doing a lovely relaxing bedtime routine that culminated in him being asleep in the carry cot while the TV blared next to him, but I had a vague paranoia that if we didn’t start instilling good sleep habits early, it’d never happen- I read a story about a nine year old that wasn’t able to fall asleep unless it was on the sofa in front of the telly and it was enough to make me think ‘ok, lets give this a go’.

Sid, actually was and is a pretty good sleeper- he’ll happily have a nap in the daytime in noisy places, but it was admittedly getting trickier for him to fall asleep in the front room for any length of time, and with the ‘sleeping through the night’ goal forever in our sights, we thought that putting him to bed in a quieter place might make him sleep for longer.

Two-ish weeks in, if we’re in the house, at about half 7 or so, one of us gives Sid a bath and gets him ready for bed, while the other one tidies up and sorts things for the morning. Then we switch and the other one does a story, lots of songs, and a snuggle on our bed until he drops off. It’s amazing how few songs I know all the words to- Poor kid has heard a LOT of Wham in the last couple of weeks! I guess as time goes on, we’ll be trying to get into more of a habit of putting the boy wonder down in his cot before he falls asleep, but at the moment, I’m loving a little night time cuddle and he certainly seems to settle better that way so I say hush to the ‘making a rod for your own back’ doubters.

So has it worked? Well, yeah, sort of- He’s generally sparko until well after midnight and will wake up between 1 and 3 for a bottle, and then again at about 6ish when Mark brings him into our bed for a snuggy and another hour of snoozing until the ‘breakfast bottle’ at 7. So although we get a longer stretch of sleep at the start of the night, which is awesome, we still have to get up once each before the alarm goes off. He’s definitely sleeping more at night and less in the day though, so that’s one thing cracked and I’d imagine that as time goes on, he’ll eventually drop the middle of the night feed but I’m not going to worry about that until it just sort of happens.


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