Pox watch

A couple of weeks back my sister texted to say my niece had the beginnings of chicken pox. We were due to be going over for Easter and I decided it was probably worth just carrying on as usual- A quick bit of googling found that the pox is contagious before the spots come out, and Sid and Lyla had spent the whole of the previous day together, plus little babies tend to have some kind of immunity to chicken pox so we hedged our bets and wilfully exposed our eight week old baby to disease.

A couple of weeks went by, Lyla’s coco pops, as they were being dubbed were clearing up and we were pretty much assuming we were out of the woods. I was getting Sid changed into his pjs at my mums, and decided to do a bit of nudie tummy time. Lo and behold, there were two spots on his back. My mum and sister said they were almost definitely chicken pox (who needs a doctor when you have parents that know!) and I panicked and started texting people. I’d been out for lunch with people with various children and worse, the week before had been at a wedding and my friend who has a very premature baby who is still in hospital had held Sid- The mind immediately went into overdrive- what if she picked up Sid’s pox and took it to the hospital? Agh! Thankfully everyone eventually texted back to say not to worry (one of the girls actually said she kind of wanted her little’s to get the pox now rather than later) and we took Sid home for a dose of calpol.

That was Wednesday, and three days later, all we have is the original two spots, which have started crusting over, and one more on his bum, and that’s it! Thinking back, he was a bit unsettled in the days before the spots came out, and has done some epic, gross poos in the last couple of weeks, so that could be related, but over all, I think we’ve just experienced the most underwhelming case of the pox ever!


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