In support of my other half

This weekend I think I was officially the best wife ever. Mark was off out for the day to the rugby club he used to play at, for lunch with some of the other old boys. He said he was pretty tired, and wouldn’t be going out til late, and to expect him home at a reasonable hour. Obviously that blatantly didn’t happen and when he rolled in at midnight more than a little worse for wear, I thought to myself that Sunday was going to be a bit of a write off. Sunday dawned, we were meant to be going to my sister’s for a belated easter egg hunt and a bit of lunch, but after drinking for two days on the bounce, somebody was feeling their age! I took myself off to Lauren’s with Sid and left Mark stewing in bed and told him not to bother with any of the tidying up (the house was a total dump) and I’d sort it out when I came in.

A few hours of lunch and a bit of a mooch round IKEA later, I took myself off home, dropping in for a hangover recovery McDonalds on the way and thus cementing my self-appointed title of Best Wife Ever.

Now why had I been quite so accommodating, I hear you cry? Well, first of all I slept for most of Saturday evening, so wouldn’t have been much company anyway, so the staying out late didn’t really bother me. And  as much as I had appointed myself as a very understanding and lovely wife, it was with good reason- Here’s ten lovely things that Mark has done for me in the last few weeks…

1- Made me a cup of tea in bed every day
2- Cancelled a rugby game he was meant to play in (he only plays once in a blue moon, so this was quite a big deal!), because I had a hideous stomach bug and needed someone to look after me (and to disinfect the door handles)
3- Told me it didn’t matter when I’d not managed to get any cleaning or tidying done because Sid was being fussy for a whole week and a half
4- Sorted multiple things out without being asked (case in point- I just went out to unload the steriliser to find that it had already been done and all the bottles were sorted)
5- Humoured me when I wanted to try reusable nappies, even though he really didn’t want to
6-Gave me multiple hugs when I cried because I didn’t like maternity leave
7- Got up with Sid at 6am for a cuddle every morning, while I carried on snoozing
8- Bought me lovely flowers on mothers day
9- Done a full day at work, and uncomplainingly returned home and done the hoovering
10- Still managed to tidy the kitchen and unload the dishwasher, even with his super-hangover, and when I’d told him not to worry about it.

OK, so most of these are to do with domestic duties, but I’d pledged early on that because he was doing a full day at work and I’d be in all day, I’d be the one to deal with the cooking, cleaning and tidying, but had failed abysmally!

All these little things have made me feel like part of a super duper team, and someone who doesn’t begrudge the other half the occasional night on the razzle and according hangover


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