A day in the life- the return

Some time back in May last year, I did one of those blog posts where you take a photo every hour for 24 hours to document your day. At the time, my day was apparently pretty boring, but looking back, it actually seemed reasonably jet-setty- I kicked off with a flight to Edinburgh for a meeting, partook in some pretty swank food for lunch and some complimentary airline booze, and squeezed in some time flicking through magazines, chilling out and making cake decorations. This time round, my findings are a bit more… repetitive!

We kick off with a first stop at 4am- Bottle time. Me and Sid snuggled up on the sofa, I watched a couple of episodes of Friends and he had a bottle.


Obviously, then I went back to bed for a few hours sleep, so no photos

7:00- 8:00- Time for another bottle, this time Mark did the honours while I tried to force myself to wake up, get in the shower and get dressed


08:00-09:00- Bath time for Sidders, which he quite likes now I’ve worked out that when they say ‘make sure the water is body temperature’, this is a lie, as body temperature is bloody chilly, and it’s no wonder he cried every time I put him in a luke-warm bath


09:00-11:00- After a full hour of faffing about, we managed to get out of the house to go to the weighing clinic. I’d never been before, so ended up going in the wrong door and waited in the wrong waiting room for half an hour before a receptionist sent me on. Then queued up for another half an hour before we got seen. Sid slept through the whole thing. The weighty verdict- 9lb 12 at 6 weeks, up from 6lb 10 at birth- None too shabby, although he’s still quite a tiddler!


11:00-12:00- Walked back to the carpark and stopped off at a coffee shop for refreshments


12:00-13:00- Back home. I’d decided after watching the poor sod go red in the face and strain for 20 minutes (coupled with the fact that he hadn’t had a poo in two days), that Sid was a bit bunged up. I’d heard that cooled boiled water was good for that, so gave him some in a bottle. Hadn’t screwed the lid on properly, so three quarters of a bottle ended up down his front. Time for an outfit change. And after the tribulations of being awake for more than 20 minutes Sid got ready for a nap.


13:00-14:00- In spite of it only being 2 hours since the last bottle, somebody was hungry. There was crying.


14:00-15:00- Satisfied, time for another sleep. Hard work this baby business. I meanwhile got busy with some hanging out of washing. Woohoo


15:00- 16:00- Tried for a full hour to write some thank you cards. Sid woke up and decided he didn’t want to be put down, so I managed to write a grand total of four cards. Then he cried because he was hungry again.


16:00-17:00- Another bottle


17:00-18:00- Time for a little play. Somebody got tired pretty quickly. I took the opportunity to watch more episodes of Friends.


18:00-19:00- Mark came home from work, and a grand total of six weeks and one day after giving birth, I went for a run. My first run since October! I only went out for 25 minutes, walk the vast majority of it, and my bum jiggled disconcertingly for the whole thing, but it was GLORIOUS!


19:00-20:00- Went to the room at the end of the garden (cunningly fashioned into half gym and half party area) to watch Mark lift some weights, while Sid supervised from his bouncy chair.


20:00-21:00- Smashed down some dinner, had a shower put on my jammies and painted my nails while partaking in a (completely undeserved) glass of wine. Just as the top coat was going on, Sid did a massive massive poo- It was up his back, in his trousers and escaping from the sides of his nappy. I possibly overdid it with the cooled boiled water! Obviously with nails not being dry, I had to just watch while Mark dealt with it


21:00-22:00- The results of my nail-based labours


22:00-23:00- In an attempt to make the mornings a bit more bearable, we’ve been getting organised before we go to bed- Blanket, water and muslins are arranged near the sofa for night feeds, powder measured out in the kitchen and, most importantly, tea bags arranged in cups on tray in order for the first caffeine hit of the following morning to be as easily accessible as possible!


23:00- And so to bed. Ready to do it all again in the morning.



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