A good day

Today has been a good day. A good day in spite of the fact that I slipped down the stairs (again. I’m seriously going to throw away my slippers) and now my back hurts, and Sid did a massive fountain-esque puke which necessitated scrubbing the rug in the front room.

If I’m being entirely honest, I’ve been more than a little bit bored with maternity leave. Don’t get me wrong, Sid is amazing, but there is something I’ve found a little unfulfilling about a life that revolves around nothing more challenging than nappy changing and doing the hoovering. And I’ve been complaining about this fact wholeheartedly to anyone that would listen, which makes me sound very ungrateful for my new son and what is basically a nine month long paid holiday.

In spite of repeated good suggestions from Mark that I didnt need to worry about the cleaning, because he didnt’t mind helping with that when he got in from work, my mum that I should just enjoy chilling out and doing untaxing things, and my mother in law that I could do some stuff that I enjoyed so I didn’t feel like my life was revolving around a baby, all of which were excellent suggestions, I preferred my tack of watching multiple episodes of Friends while complaining about how bored I was.

I can’t put my finger on what’s changed today, but I definitely feel more content today- I’ve not done anything exciting- a bit of tidying, gone out for lunch with my sister, nan, niece and nephew, dropped in to see Mark at work and excitingly did a tiny bit of embroidery, but I’m hoping a corner has been turned, and I might stop feeling like maternity leave is quite so dull!


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