My spangly changing bag

Never did I ever thing I would be so proud of a glorified handbag, but I am!

Before Sid was born, I looked and looked at change bags, but everything I saw seemed either stupidly expensive, or just wasn’t very nice… or both.

I was a bit of a fan of a pacapod, which were both quite cool looking, and appealed to my organised side, as they have these groovy pod thingys in them, to organise your changing and feeding paraphernalia, but were pretty pricey- the cheapest I found was about £60, which seemed like a ludicrous amount to spend on a bag. So I hit upon the idea of getting a massive handbag (9 quid from Primark, thankyouverymuch), and some see-through makeup bags from Boots, which I used to arrange everything in – one for bottles and formula, one for a spare change of clothes, one for nappies and wipes. A fold out changing mat and I was all set, and pretty pleased with my budget pacapod. The only downside was that the bag wasn’t quite the right shape for the makeup bags so everything kind of bulged out the top, and the handles weren’t long enough to hang over the buggy, still, for under fifteen quid, it fulfilled a purpose and my mum said it was the most organised change bag she’d ever seen (insert proud face).

Anyway, we had quite a lot of stuff that we wanted to take back to Mothercare (after a lot of very generous gift giving from friends and family, we had something of a surplus of babygro’s), plus some gift vouchers and while we were mooching around, I happened across the Pacapod again. It was a pretty non-descript dark looking pattern, which Mark said he’d be happy to carry around, and after much umming and aahing, we decided to go for it, using the money for our returns and gift vouchers, and thinking we’d just put a little bit extra in ourselves.

In a fit of brilliantness, Mothercare had put their changing bags on sale but forgotten to tell anyone, so when we got to the tills, it was reduced to £30, and after bringing back the stuff we wanted to exchange, we ended up getting a spangly changing bag for a grand total of 49p!

I’m ridiculously chuffed with it- as well as the aforementioned changing and feeding pods, it’s got loads of handy pockets for things, and is one hell of a lot easier to attach to the buggy when we’re out and about with inbuilt hooks. Another useful thing is if I’m just nipping out and don’t need the whole bag, you can just grab out the feed and change pods, and they have their own handles for hanging over the buggy too (also useful if you’ve put too much other crap in the bag itself, I would imagine).


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