Poo. And Wee

As fully expected, my first month of motherhood has involved many many nappy changes, and washing of wee-soaked clothes (both mine and Sid’s). Prior to entering baby-land, I had changed a grand total of one nappy in my entire life-My lovely, compliant niece, who didn’t wriggle and didn’t even complain when I realised I’d put the nappy on backwards and had to start the whole shebang again.

Suffice to say, the last month has been a bit of a baptism of nappy fire, and I’ve learned some valuable bodily fluid-based lessons…

1- Dinkle Down- that came courtesy of one of the midwives in the hospital, and I didn’t realise how important it was until the nappies started leaking. Do up one side of the nappy, take a quick peek in and point any baby tackle downwards, and baby won’t be able to inexplicably pee up his own back.

2- A strategic wee flannel is important- We have one with the nappies now, such was the regularity that me and Mark were getting pissed on. As soon as that nappy’s off, you have approximately thirty seconds to get everything cleaned up and get the next one on before you get covered in wee. The wee flannel can be used to stem the flow if you’re not quick enough. Ive also used a strategic wee babygro and wee wetwipe when I’ve stupidly forgotten to replace the wee flannel. Less successful was using my own hand, which just made a kind of watering can effect.

3-All brands are not the same. We’ve tried quite a lot of different types of nappies now, and have our preferences- Pampers are strangely massive, Aldi is good, but the built in wee indicator, which tells you whether the nappy is wet or not, isn’t very visible, Tesco ones are my second place choice but the velcro tabs are really hard to pull out and the winner of our nappy award goes to Asda- fits well, no leakage, massive wetness indicator stripe.

I’m also battling through about 18 different types of wetwipe at the moment- Huggies Pure are hard to get out of the packet, Waterwipes were great but expensive, and I’m currently trying the Aldi sensitive ones, which seem to be pretty good.

Gone are the days when I would have a preferred type of wine- It’s all about the baby products these days


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