One month down

I’m kind of lounging on the sofa at the moment, with a sleeping baby laying on me.  Every time i try to put him down, he wakes up and cries, so so far my day has consisted of vast amounts of sitting, interspersed with unloading the dishwasher, putting out half a load of washing, dusting one room and throwing bleach down the loo. A pretty sorry state of affairs seeing as I’ve been up since half 6 and it’s 2pm now! I’m feeling a bit baffled to be honest- for the whole of his first month on the outside Sid has been totally amiable, barely cries sleeps when he’s tired, plays when he’s awake, so I’m hoping today is a blip as i really need to do some stuff around the house!

Still, while I’ve been hanging out here watching series 2 of friends and flicking idly through the photos on my phone, I happened across a couple of photos I took while I was pregnant- I can’t remember feeling as big as I apparently looked!


Pretty mental that just over three weeks after that second pic was taken this was on the outside!



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