The first fortnight of motherhood

Some varied musings on things I learned in the first couple of weeks…


And I don’t mean baby poo either. After a speedy birth, after which my nethers ended up pretty bruised, and a fair few stitches, I was left feeling quite frankly petrified of pooing. It was a preoccupation for pretty much the whole of the first day home from the hospital, and on day two of ‘no poo’, and a bit of frantic googling, Mark was dispatched to a friendly chemists to pick me up a bottle of lactulose, which promised to soften things up to make it easier to ‘go’. Day three, and in spite of repeated attempts, there was still nothing doing, but my goodness, the wind! My parps were smelling like something from the back end of Mordor. I blamed several different children for the smell, when we had visitors! On day four, while feeling increasingly worried that I would never poo again, blessings amongst blessings, I managed it. I was so relieved I was genuinely  on the verge of putting it on facebook. To be honest, two weeks later, I still don’t think I’m entirely back to normal, and every trip to the loo is accompanied with a certain amount of trepidation


In the first week, We had SO many people that wanted to come and say hello. By the end of the week, as touched as we were by all the interest, we were both utterly exhausted and overwhelmed and in retrospect, I really should have put some people off for a bit- At one point we had no less than seven people in our front room. I had to start a diary system in the end!

Emotions will run high

In a textbook continuation of my very very normal pregnancy, labour and parenting story, I cried A LOT in week one. Sometimes it was for completely unknown reasons, sometimes, I had a reason but it wasn’t a particularly good one. On one occasion, I cried at an advert for KFC. Mark said he hadn’t seen me cry that much in the whole rest of the fifteen years that we’d been together. Two weeks in, the feeling of being on the verge of tears is only just abating to be honest.

You can get lucky

I was panicking-my easy pregnancy, meant I was half expecting to have a hideous labour, and after that was pretty ok, I was then expecting to have some kind of devil child, but I am pleased to report that we have been blessed with an extremely placid, very very well behaved baby who hardly cries, feeds quickly and regularly, poos and wees in non excessive amounts and sleeps for several hours at a stretch. I’m still convinced this honeymoon period isn’t going to last, but for the time being we are having what I think is an easy time of it!

Shift work is your friend

From day two, Mark and I decided to take a shift work approach to getting through the night (helped by the fact that we were bottle feeding) and so far, he’s been doing the 10-2 shift and I’ve been doing 2-7, which means that you’re guaranteed to get at least four hours of solid sleep, plus extras if Sid plays ball, which so far, with the exception of one night, he has done!

You can never be too quick with a nappy.

So far, Sid has wee’d in his own face twice, on Mark once, on me three times and in his own bath water once. Bath water aside, we are quickly (some would argue not quickly enough) learning the lesson that with little boys, you need to get a nappy on quicksmart, in order to avoid the  possibility of being socked with the wee cannon.


2 thoughts on “The first fortnight of motherhood

  1. Ahh it sounds like things are going well apart from the pooing & emotions but it’s all normal :)
    hahaha at Sid weeing on everyone….I have two girls and never had that problem. lol x

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