Maternity leave- how I wasted the first few days

Day 1…
Sunday was superbowl day, so while I didn’t watch any myself, Mark did, and so he didn’t get home til about 4am. I had a rubbish nights sleep, punctuated with tooth aches, coughing fits and consequently, we both had a bit of a lay in.

The day started productively with a little yoga vid on you tube, some tidying up and a trip to Westfield. Unproductively, the stuff we were meant to be doing didn’t get done- I wanted to hand my season ticket back in and get the money back, but couldn’t- apparently you don’t get anything back for the last two months of your season ticket… Can’t see that on your webside, TFL, and I’m sensing a fight on my hands! Mark wanted to send his faulty phone back to samsung, but the samsung shop closed two months earlier, and I also had 50 quid of John Lewis vouchers but couldn’t find anything to buy (first world problems).

On the plus side, we did get a travel changing mat for a fiver in mothetcare and went for lunch in GBK. I finished the day with a small nap, and several hours of playing the Sims. Bad precedent to set!

Day 2…
The day I realised how people can seriously manage to fill a day with mindless crap

Up semi-early, I had a cuppa with Mark then did a quick yoga video and went for a manuicure and pedicure. 2 and a half hours later (who knew having your nails painted could take so long!), it was lunchtime so I took myself to Costas for an overpriced panini and a caramel shortbread (in for a penny!). Home, a brief bit of tidying and faffing around, and a tescos shop and all I seemed to have time to do was make some flapjacks and prepare dinner in advance of my husband’s return from the office (in true 50s housewife style). Played more Sims in the evening. Going to have to wean myself off of that pretty sharpish!

Day 3…
My mum looks after my niece and nephew of a Wednesday, so I took myself and my flapjacks off to hers. Good job really- was greeted by Lyla (whos not quite two, but is scarily clever) ‘ooh its Gemma and Mark’… Nope, sorry matey, just me… (Pouty face from the toddler)…’hmm, did you bring any treats?’… Well actually, as luck would have it I did!

After said treats were eaten and Fin deposited at playschool, us girls took ourselves off for some light shopping and a spot of lunch (sensing a theme here), and I spent the rest of day three hanging out at my mums.

I really really think I should do some more productive stuff with the rest of my leave!

Baby arrival symptoms- real, actual ones- none.
Made up ones- the top of my stomach muscles hurt ALL of wednesday- sleeping was so uncomfortable!… And my gums swelled up to epic proportions- I still can’t really close my mouth
Proof found of above symptoms being a sign of body getting ready to squeeze a baby out-none

I’m so going to be one of these people that goes two weeks over and has to have to baby dragged out, aren’t I?!


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