An abundance of afternoon tea

As alluded to previously, I didn’t want a baby shower. The whole concept of being the centre of attention freaks me out, and I think generally that baby showers are more than a tiny bit lame, much to the disappointment of my sister and friend Hannah, who had put heads together to organise a big shindig.

Sadly for them, I totally put the mockers on their plans and put in a request for a final lunch of freedom, in the form of afternoon tea. That was back in September-time, I think, and after an initial conversation with Lauren about it and a few texts about dates, I kind of left her to it to sort out the details.

Over new year, I found out where we were going, courtesy of a particularly gappy-gobbed friend, which was to the same place I got married, which was such a lovely touch. I still didn’t want to ask any details, as I was scared that there would be balloons and banners involved, so continued in my state of semi-blissful ignorance.

On Friday, through a convoluted series of messages, I ended up going over to my mum’s, where I really should have guessed something was up, but totally didn’t, and was treated to a massive double take when I walked into her front room- My lovely lovely auntie, who lives over in Gloucestershire took the trip over for the weekend especially for my tea. That was my first surprise- and very touched I was too.

On Sunday (or teaday as it was known), I was talking to my mum about who was coming and she mentioned that Chris and Michelle, one of her very close friends and her daughter would be in attendance, Chris, coincidentally, is the mum of my best friend, Carly who lives in Portsmouth. After innocently enquiring whether Carly would be coming too (I hadn’t wanted to ask because Portsmouth is a fair old way from us), devious lying mother said she wasn’t, which I totally swallowed, only to do double take number two in the car park at Orsett Hall, when lo and behold there she was!

So onwards to tea- I’m pleased to say that there was no fuss or unnecessary attention- just me, my closest friends and family, and a massive amount of cake. Mark’s mum was on holiday, but sent me a voucher via my sister in law, for a manicure and pedicure, which I’m hugely looking forward to booking for maternity leave, as my feet are gross. And everyone heeded the ‘no presents’ rule (save for Mark’s nan who is a massive rebel and Carly/Chris/Michelle who left me a brilliant bag of ‘things you never knew you needed’- stuff like tiny scissors and calpol and things, but left it in mum’s car, so I didn’t have to open it in front of people, which I totally hate!)

I was having such a lovely time, that I didn’t even take any photos, save for this one ridiculous one of my family, on the camera’s timer, right at the end of the day, after everyone else had left.


And three hours after it all started, we were off home, stuffed full of scones and sandwiches and with packages of leftovers, which we shamelessly took back to mum’s and troughed!


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