On maternity leave

Well that’s it! It’s half past 4, my in box is empty and to do list pad has nothing on it for the first time in five years.

There is literally nothing left for me to do except put my coat on, give my colleagues a hug and walk out of the door of the office.

And dya know what? I’ve spent the last 10 minutes mincing around on Facebook and double checking that I’ve put my out of office on… it really is a wrench to get up from my desk and go!

Is not because I love my job or work mates that much (well, I’m happily rather fond of both, but they aren’t such defining factors in my life that that’s what’s causing me problems), it’s more the finality of it all- as soon as i walk out that door I’ve crossed a line and my life genuinely won’t be the same again. The next time I set foot in the office again, I’m going to be responsible for a whole other person and while the thought of that in an individual sense is sort of mad, i think I’ve only just connected it all up with all the other areas of my life that are going to be changing too.

I’m not scared of it or anything like that (I’m far too practical for that!), but I’m not going to lie- I do have a real ‘wow, what the hell is happening’ feeling going on. To the next chapter, i guess! (Eek!)


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