Last week of work- Week 38

Just one more day left in the office for me, and then it’s time for what should theoretically be two weeks of holiday before my ‘official’ due date. Now we all know how this is going to pan out- either I’m going to go into labour immediately and all my well-laid plans will go to pot, or I’m going to go two weeks over and be hanging about at home for a whole month feeling bored.

Lets pretend all’s going to go as it should and the baby will arrive when it’s meant to (pfft)- I think I’ve judged it pretty well- I’m not too knackered or suffering tooo much from sitting at my desk, or from my feet swelling up, but at the same time, at the end of this week, I’m going to be very much looking forward to a well-earned chill. My maternity cover girly is well prepared, all my work has been handed over properly and I’m basically kicking my heels at the moment, helping other people out around the office- it’s all worked perfectly! *smug face*. I have been really really fortunate though, in that owing to a bit of a screw up at work, my maternity cover started work back in November, so she’s had plenty of time to learn the ropes and I handed over a lot of my work to her before we broke up for Christmas- not everybody is as fortunate as that, I’m sure, but it’s meant that I’ve not had to work anywhere near as hard as usual- I’ve been doing one job, rather than my usual 1 and a half, which has definitely brought down the stress levels- I think if it’d been business as usual and a couple of days’ hand over, I would have been feeling the pressure weeks ago.

So how are things faring aside from finishing up work? Pretty good actually- I made some chilli and bolognese sauce tonight, so the freezer is getting a bit fuller, I’m sleeping better (albeit with a random collection of pillows and some rolled up pyjama bottoms to prop various body parts up)- and can do two hours at a stretch now without waking up with cramp or needing a wee, we’ve finally finished buying everything we wanted to and I’ve packed up my ‘in case of emergency’ hospital bag, so really I’ve very little to do with my leave other than a few little projects I’ve got planned, a bit of yoga and a lot of relaxing.

On the minus side, the baby moving about is really getting uncomfortable now- Arms and legs and all sorts seem to be getting in just the wrong place to get comfy, and heartburn has made an unwelcome return, so I’m throwing an awful lot of milk down my neck… oh and inevitably, I know I’ve got a cold on the way- I’ve had a really scratchy throat, snuffles that kind of thing- I’m hoping a bit of R&R will see me straight because I don’t want to think about the dramas of going into labour with a stonking cold! Still, I shall continue to count my blessings, as I know there are bajillions of pregnant ladies that have had a hideous time, and a few minor aches and pains really isn’t much to complain about


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