Massage bliss

So I went for my ‘mum to be’ treatment at Clarins. And now I am here to rave about it a little bit.

First of all, it was a freaking steal- 49 quid for well over an hour of pampering!

Ensconced in what I thought was the less than glamorous surroundings of Debenhams at Lakeside, was a tiny little oasis of calm- You went through a magical glass door, into the Clarins Spa reception area and it was like the shopping centre wasn’t even there any more!

After shedding my clothes down to my pants, and wrapping myself in a towel, the therapist came back to explain all the bits and bobs- I’m probably going to forget something, because I spent a fair amount of time drifting away on my own little cloud, but here’s what I remember…

Firstly, a back and shoulder massage- administered while sitting on a little stool, with my top half resting on the massage table on this squishy towel thingy- this sounds uncomfortable, but really wasn’t and gave my lady excellent access to go in pretty deep on my shoulders and also give my lower back a good release (oh yes, coccyx pain and sciatica is still ever present in my life!)

Then it was on to the bed, with head and shoulders raised up, and legs up on a pillow (to discourage puffiness apparently). My bum injury made this a bit uncomfortable after a while, but really that’s my own fault- I should have just asked to move positions but I’m stupid and just decided I’d rather wriggle every so often to release the pressure on my bum cheeks

Lying down, I had a facial (sorry, I can’t say the word facial without sniggering like a teenage boy), which involved an eye and lip cleanse (basically she took off my makeup) and while that was getting to work, she gave me a really gentle bump massage, with some anti stretch mark gubbins. The baby was entirely non-plussed while the bump massage was going on, but then proceeded to go mental for the rest of the treatment, clearly thinking ‘what the frick is going on out there?’. Then it was back up top for more facial cleansing (note to self- don’t panic while the therapist cleanses around your nose- just breathe through your mouth rather than holding breath), a scalp massage, which I always love and more work on neck, shoulders and what is officially called decolletage, but I prefer to think of as the upper boobal area.

After that, we moved on for an arm and hand massage, followed by lower legs, all with specific products to do different things, and that was, unfortunately, my lot- I never knew an hour and a quarter to go by so quickly!

Finishing up (feeling, to be honest, a little bit greasy, from all the massage oil and with totally mad hair), I got myself dressed, and was presented with a massive bag of free stuff, which was handed over with a ‘sshh, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve given you a load of products’ (seriously, there was a LOT of stuff!), and off I wafted to do a bit of shopping, feeling a little bit disappointed that I’d not discovered this treatment any earlier. You can only have it up to 37 weeks, and at 36+3, it seemed a bit decadant to try and squeeze another one in over the next four days!

And the after effects? Well, I will admit, I was a tiny bit stiff that evening from the fact that I’d stupidly let myself lay flat out even though I knew it would make back twinge, but two days later, I am pleased to report that my coccyx pain is definitely dissipating and I’ve not been suffering with the sciatica as much as usual, so this is most definitely a win, and the night I had the treatment, I had the best night’s sleep that I’d had in ages. It’d almost be worth getting pregnant again so I can go back for more!!


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