My beautiful bathroom

Ever since we moved, one thing about our new house that made me and Mark very sad was our lack of a bath- We both love a bath, but due to an unfortunate/stupid turn of events, the previous owners had decided to put the boiler into the bathroom, so far from being a simple ‘take out the shower and put in the bath’ job, we had to move the boiler, reconfigure the kitchen cupboards and then completely re-do the bathroom, which was no small task.

Still, our February baby deadline kind of put a speed-up on things- We reasoned that while it was an expensive job, it would be a pain in the bum to have a child but only a shower, and a bath would be a much more practical solution, so plumbers, gas people and various other tradespeople were called.

There was a bit of a lapse between the boiler being moved and the bathroom actually being started on (nearly six weeks in fact), so we lived for quite a while with odd, mismatched tiles, and then after taking off most of them, with bare plastered walls while we waited and then in the age-old tradition of these things always taking longer than you expect, we had to flush the toilet with a bucket (the bottom of the toilet got smashed after three days, so having a wee was some kind of balancing act the likes of which my stomach muscles had never seen!) and wash in the kitchen sink for seven whole days- It was quite novel for about 5 minutes, but by mid-week, I’d had enough and went for a sleep-over and a proper shower at my mums!

In an additional age-old tradition, which always sees us doing some form of decorating over the Christmas period, we spent a lot of time doing the finishing touches between Christmas and new year- Painting, glossing wood work, putting up furniture and blinds and finally, finally, the final mirror is in place and I am pleased to say that ‘operation bathroom’ is officially complete, and here are a few snaps for posterity of all it’s purply, slatey, creamy glory- I’m a bit in love!



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