Home stretch!- Week 37

Wow- we’re into week 37 already! In just four days, the baby will officially be considered full term (and I’ll still have one more week to go in the office!)

This week is shaping up to be a pretty good one- I’ve put paid to the obsessive worrying of the last week, project ‘finish the baby’s bedroom’ is almost coming to a close, and I think we’ve bought almost everything that we need. Sleep isn’t alluding me quite so much either- I think I got two hours in a row last night, before I woke up with cramp, and three weeks post-super slide down the stairs, my coccyx is finally vaguely normal (if slightly numb!)

I went to pregnancy yoga last night, and the teacher always asks us how we’re doing, which on the most part brings up some kind of vague grumble about aches pains and other symptoms, but yesterday, I was happy to say that I was feeling rather reasonable. ‘Aah’, she nodded sagely, ‘that’ll be the feel-good hormones kicking in for the final stretch’. I’m still not sure if that’s actually a ‘thing’, but I’m happy to go with it- I woke up this morning feeling pretty top, so either she was telling the truth, or I’m just very gullible- either way, who cares!

Tonight, I’m going to be going for a pregnancy massage. It’s a little treat to myself, at the Clarins spa in Debenhams, which sounds really un-glam, but I’m hugely looking forward to it- and was only £49 for 75 minutes, which sounds vaguely extravagant now it’s written down, but compared to the prices of some of the massages I looked at, it’s positively frugal! And I’ll get a little bit of time to potter around IKEA afterwards and pick up a few baby bedroom bits and bobs.

The only slight loomer on the horizon is, weirdly, the feeling that in a few weeks, ‘life will never be the same again’- for some reason, Mark and I are both really busy this week, so aren’t going to see each other that much, which is making me a little bit sad-  it’s a sudden realisation we’re not going to get much alone time any more and so I’m going to make an effort in the next couple of weeks to capitalise on a bit of Gem and Mark time- have suggested dinner on Friday


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