Baby showers

I didn’t want a baby shower- I’m not good at being the centre of attention, and I get all flappy at parties organised in my honour, so when my lady friends from Mark’s rugby club wanted to organise a party for the three of us who are due to drop within a month of each other, I decided even a three way split of the spotlight was too much, and said I’d just come as a guest.

So on Saturday, the appointed day came and I trotted off with little presents for the other girls,  and blush of blushes, came home with lots of lovely gifts from everyone- clearly not heeding the ‘don’t make a fuss’ warning! I blushed copiously, felt very awkward and embarrassed, but ultimately, was very thankful that I’ve got such lovely friends that still wanted to treat me, in spite of me being a right old mardy arse

My sister also really wanted to do something, and not wanting to disappoint too much, I’ve asked for a ‘last lunch of freedom’ rather than a baby shower with my closest friends and family- no presents, no games- just a nice afternoon tea with my nearest and dearest before I find myself covered in poo/sick and fiendishly sleep-deprived. That’s in a week and a half, so I shall report back on what goes down!


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