Week 35- Back in the game

In my continuing effort to stop whimpering and man up as I enter the pregnancy the home stretch, I bought a swimming costume on Friday and took myself off to the local sports centre for a bit of a dip.

The cozzie was this one from Mothercare (verdict, it’s quite short in the body, and I felt a bit too revealing in the boob area- possibly should have got a size 12 rather than a 10, but it was cheap and basically the only thing I could get hold of at short notice)

The swim was… alright in the end (I should point out at this juncture that I ordinarily really freaking hate swimming but was willing to try anything to try and ease off my sore muscles and hurty coccyx). Mark came along for moral support and we did a few slow slow lengths, combined with plenty of sitting in the shallow end talking. Then, feeling virtuous, I ate a whole family-sized pizza for dinner in celebration.

Aches and pains-wise, I’m not sure that it did much, but it was quite nice to be moving again and now I’ve got my swimmers, I think I’m going to take another trip to the pool just so I can say I got my money’s worth.

Over the weekend, we finished doing loads of tidying up and organising around the house (mainly involving taking babygro’s out of packets), and I was in bits again by Sunday evening- I hadn’t even pushed myself particularly, but my back was giving up the ghost, so it was hot bath and early bed for me. The nights are becoming increasingly punctuated with me having to get out of bed every 45 minutes to walk around as I’ve got some kind of trapped nerve shenanigans going on in my legs, which isn’t really conducive to a good night’s sleep!

Then yesterday, I decided to take myself back to my prenatal yoga class and I am pleased to say that todayI feel like a completely new person- I couldn’t do all of the postures, but what I did do stretched out my tight bum muscles no end and I’m feeling so much more comfortable (although still by no means perfect) – Yoga is officially amazing.

36 week appointment with the midwife on Friday- I get to pick up ‘the home birth box’- No idea what might be in said box, but I was told to come in the car as it’s not exactly small- Exciting times! And I’m thinking of booking a massage on Saturday morning to try and ease out the trapped nerves in my legs.

All in all, I’m feeling quite on top of things at the moment, which is pleasing me greatly- No more moody measles for me :)


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