Week 34- not quite plain sailing

Ladies and gentlemen, i have officially turned into a whiney moo. I’m getting on my own nerves now and i think there’s only do long before Mark will stop making sympathetic noises.

Two weeks post-stairs tumble, and my coccyx/sacrum is still refusing to let me sit comfortably, and I’m thinking that is probably not going to get better until after the baby’s here (thank you relaxin). So that’s making it hard enough to sit/stand/move in general. 

In tandem, I think I’ve just got to the stage where I’m frankly getting a bit massive! So now my hips hurt, my back hurts and i can’t bend.  Not exactly ideal!

Put it all together and I’m also knackered because I’ve been waking up loads in the night with pains in my legs and can’t shift to get comfortable because that hurts, so i actually have to get out of bed to turn over.  And don’t get me started on the complicated arrangement of pillows and fleeces i have to keep various body parts propped up!

I spent a good 2 days feeling really sorry for myself before saying enough was enough and vowing to take affirmative action- two days ago i got up early and did a very gentle pregnancy yoga video,  felt all pleased with myself and was subsequently crying on the sofa by 8am. Yesterday i did nothing, thinking rest would be best, and now my sciatica is really bad!

It’s so frustrating because i just can’t seem to find anything to help. Tonight I’m going to try swimming. I hate swimming, and am going to have to buy a costume in order to go, but it must be worth a try. And at my midwife appointment next week, when she says ‘so how are you? ‘ rather than the usual buoyant ‘fine thanks, feeling pretty good’, my answer will be ‘a little bit rubbish, actually’.

6 weeks to go! On the positive side, I’ve done bloody well to go 34 weeks without any ill effects, so i hope I’ll be forgiven for one post of misery – promise there won’t be any more!


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