Cold cures for when you can’t actually take anything

While I’ve managed to manoeuvre the highways and byways of pregnancy reasonably successfully, if I do so myself, I have found that my immune system has failed me in spectacular fashion twice, and I’ve ended up with two horrific colds. While I’m not really much of a drug taker in non-pregnant life, I do rely on the occasional night nurse, day nurse, decongestants and a proliferation of max strength strepsils to get me through a normal cold, all of which, I found were pretty much off limits, and over the course of my colds, I learned a few things about the more natural side of things:

-Showers- granted, it’s impractical if you’re well enough to go to work, but when I was poorly enough to be really laid up at home, I was taking three reasonably steamy showers a day- great for head and sinus clearing and even better when combined with minty shower gel. Although it was a bit of a faff getting undressed and wet and stuff, I always felt a lot better after a hot shower in a way that steam inhalation from a bowl just didn’t do

-Hot squash. Like a better version of lemsip (because in my eyes, lemsip is the powdery work of the devil anyway) and something you probably forgot all about when you reached double figures. If squash seems too childish, I was quite enjoying hot water with lemon squeezed in it, which I reasoned must be good for vitamin C levels

-Paracetamol- surprisingly, you’re apparently OK with paracetamol when you’re ‘with child’, and in spite of not being particularly ‘painkillery’, when my sinus pain was really really bad, I knocked back half a paracetamol to take the edge off- don’t be a martyr!

-While apparently strepsils are off the menu, your average bog standard boiled sweet isn’t and while they’re not antiseptic or anything, they feel quite soothing, particularly if you have a spoonful of honey once you’ve finished sucking- may I recommend cherry drops.

-Vitamins- Yep, pretty dull, but the powers of a ridiculous amount of apples and satsumas I’m sure made me feel better- go go vitamins!

Apart from that, I got through it with rest, crap daytime TV, a ridiculous amount of tissues and what is surely the placebo effect of heinz chicken and noodle soup


2 thoughts on “Cold cures for when you can’t actually take anything

  1. Yes steam wonderful steam! I’ve got a plug-in facial steamer which I’m sure is meant for cleansing and clearing pores but I always dig it out for colds. It was a must for the two preggo colds I’ve had so far, and whilst they’re not the cheapest thing you’ll buy for a cold, I’ve had mine for about 13 years now, and it means no bowls which cool down quickly or repeated showers are necessary.

    Interesting, I was told strepsils (lemon and honey variety not the medicated blue ones) were fine to take by midwife and pharmacist. I think maybe it’s the technically-called-alcohol-but-not-really antiseptic component that causes them to put a warning on the box. Couldn’t believe it when I was told Vicks capo rub and olbas oil were no go!

    • Tell me about it! Im usually surgically attached to olbas oil. Interesting on the strepsils front though- fingers crossed I wont need them for a while, but if I get another cold, I’ll be straight on the honey and lemons!

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