Hypnobirthing: putting in the practice

The countdown is pretty much on- only 5-odd weeks left until my due date and there is still rather a lot to do.

Not least that until this week, the amount of preparation I’d done for actually giving birth was woefully lacking.  I signed up for a course of hypnobirthing videos, which turned out to be right up my street but having watched the videos and listened to the accompanying mp3s a few times, i hadn’t actually done much else.

The course recommended that you do quite a lot of homework every day which i just hasn’t been doing-
Every day you’re meant to…
-listen to a 15 minute affirmations mp3
– practice breathing techniques for 30 minutes
-do this tickly massage thing to promote endorphin release
-take time out to connect with the baby
-listen to one of 4 other mp3s as regularly as possible.

Knackering just thinking about it, isn’t it! And it doesn’t help that i usually have only got a limited amount of down time in the course of a day, which i generally like to fill by mincing around on Facebook rather than by doing anything particularly productive. That said, I’ve invested in this course, and i really do want to give the techniques their best chance at working, as I’m so keen for my birth story to be as intervention-free as possible, so I’m getting my act together and with a new year has dawned a new start.

Today, i listened to the fear release mp3 on the way to work, took a walk around the park on lunch to listen to the affirmations (confession, i only managed 7 minutes of the 15 as is was pissing it down with rain) and I’m going to listen to birth rehersal mp3 before i go to bed tonight. I can’t promise i won’t fall asleep as the mp3s really are relaxing, but I’m assured that something will go in subconsciously!

Breathing will be practiced in bed in the company of mr mark, who is much better at the exercises than i am and is thus a good partner in crime and that i think is a pretty good start for today- now to make sure i repeat my excellent start for the next 40-odd days!


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