Taking a tumble

Oh my goodness, I’m the biggest div in the world- I lost my footing on boxing day, conveniently at the very top of my mum’s stairs, and bounced down the whole flight on my back. That was four days ago, and I am in a not insubstantial amount of pain, and quietly panicking to myself that I’ve done some kind of bouncing trauma to the baby.

Again, this is where the sensible head kicks in- I fell backwards- yes, it was a fair few stairs, but the baby is very well protected and I didn’t fall on my front at all. No bumpal pain, no bleeding, no waters breaking, and movements (which I have been monitoring in a semi-obesssive way for the last few days) are all absolutely as they normally are. Even Dr Google failed to provide any scare stories. So I’ve decided there’s no reason to call anyone medical, and will mention it to the midwife on Friday (a week after my tumble).

My irrational head, however, won’t bugger off- I’ve been panicking mainly because the baby’s had hiccups four times in the last three days and I stupidly took to the internet and found that excessive hiccups can be a sign of umbilical cord compression. I won’t mention the fact that the baby’s had hiccups probably once a day since he started moving, so the extra bout over three days is hardly ‘excessive’ and it never bothered me before now. See- irrational head. Another thing to add to the list of ‘things to ask the midwife’.

Far more pressing than the inescapable feelings of guilt, is the fact that I am in quite a lot of pain! I bounced on my bum/lower back and the pain in my tail bone/bum/lower back is pretty severe. On boxing day, with quite a lot of hurt pride, as well as the hurt arse, I attempted to style it out- initially this basically involved trying not to cry in front of my assembled family (I failed) and then meant I spent the day perched on one cheek at various relatives houses, trying not to wince as I stood up or moved. Reasonably successful. After an uncomfortable night supplemented by half a paracetamol, I decided on the business as usual approach, and went to the supermarket and had some friends over, although I whimpered quite a lot more than the previous day. By the afternoon, I was in total agony, and laying on the sofa with an ice pack, which was basically where I stayed for the next day and a half.

Yesterday, I decided I might be on the mend a little bit and alternated standing up and ironing with lying on the sofa, plus a bit of light stretching. By the afternoon, I risked a trip to the shops- I think we were out for about two hours and by the end of it, I was nearly in tears again and it was back to the sofa for the evening.

Today, day 4 post- tumble, I’m back on the ‘stand for a bit, perch on one cheek for a bit’ method- cross your fingers for me- It’s definitely improving, but rehabilitation is never quick enough for my liking- Just hoping I’m back to normal by the time I go back to work as at the moment, the idea of sitting at a desk for 7 hours is filling me with dread!


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