Week 30. Musings on home birth

Getting preeeety big now…Well, actually, now is the time that people are saying variously ‘oh my goodness, you look huge’ and also ‘oohh, you dont look very big yet’. Go figure. Proof if it were needed that pregnancy is apparently everyone else’s business!

Last week, following another really hard week at work, I came down with a cold that knocked me for six, and a really bad bout of sciatica- I’ve given myself a bit of a telling off, because the baby has been really brilliant so far, in that Ive had no sickness, cravings, baby-related pain (sciatica aside) and have been really lucky to avoid the more horrible symptoms of pregnancy, and any discomfort or illness I’ve felt has been down to me not taking it easy in any way, shape or form- so Im trying to slow down a bit!

We have been thinking a bit more in the last few weeks about giving birth (agh!) and the decisions around that, and I decided quite a while back that I’d really like to go for a home birth- Im reasonably fit, rasonably healthy, currently low risk, and eveything is progressing as it should. While there are some small risks of a worse outcome for a first birth at home, compared to subsequent ones (9 in 1000, compared to 4 in 1000 for subsequent births), Ive weighed eveything up and as we are so close to the hospital, Ive decided i’d still like to try and stay at home for as long as poss.

my own personal reasons for wanting to stay at home…

-If I went to hospital, I’d be aiming for the midwife-led unit attached to my local hospital. As you wont get any different care at home, compared to in the MLU why bother leaving the relative comfort of the sofa to get the same care?

-If I was in hospital, Id want to be trying to get home as quickly as possible- to the point that Ive (currently) ruled out epidurals and so on as it means id have to stay in longer to get the feeling in my legs back!

-we live very close to our local hospital (only a two minute drive, if that), and im comfortable that if something did start to go wrong, Id be able to get to hospital quickly enough that it either wouldnt be a problem, or if it was, the same outcome would have happened if we’d been in hospital for the duration.

-all my extensive reading (and there has been a LOT), has led me to the basic reasoning that fewer interventions (ie drugs to speed thinks up, drugs to kill pain, instruments to get the baby here quicker) is ultimately a good thing- better outcomes for the baby and quicker recovery for me, surely thats got to be a winner. And the interventions arent available at home!

I have absolutely promised myself that my home birth journey will end if I start straying anywhere off of the path of ‘a normal birth’ – If there are any concerns at all, Im going to be taking myself straight off to hospital. Ditto if the pain gets too much, as much as the non medicalised route is appealing at the moment, im not going to be too brave to request a transfer to get some pharmaceuticals!

Ultimately, if I end up straying from the current plan, Im certainly not going to beat myself up about it, as much as Id like my ‘birth experience’ to end with my being tucked up in my own bed with a slice of toast and a baby


4 thoughts on “Week 30. Musings on home birth

  1. I just found your post randomly via the ‘pregnancy’ tag, and you are the first woman I’ve encountered who mirrors my thoughts and feelings on birth! Woohoo!

    Anyway, you clearly know the risks and a home birth makes sense for you, as it does me, and the second that changes you’re willing to throw your birth plan out the window and do what is best. Who can fault your decision? Whilst that question is rhetorical if my experience is anything to go by people will be criticising you for it all over the place sigh. Fortunately you are secure in your decision and that’s what matters :).

  2. Thanks for the back up, Peach- it’s crazy how many people have not just an opinion on this stuff, but an opinion on what you should be doing!

    Happily (so far) everyone’s been pretty supportive of my decision :)

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