Week 26, a long overdue update

In true Gemma style, I’ve apparently gotten bored of weekly baby updates- four whole weeks since the last official one. Well,  there’s not been much to report to be honest,  but in the interests of keeping up to date, here we are…

On my list of baby-related developments –
-heartburn. Not enough to required sleeping bolt upright or any kind of over the counter medication, but enough to mean i have doubled our milk purchasing in an attempt to stop fire from eating me from the throat out.

-generalised aches and pains- sciatica is becoming more of an everyday occurrence, and I hurt my shoulder again carrying a particularly heavy hand bag. Again not bad enough to have any more that the occasional paracetamol and I’m trying to just do lots of stretching exercises to sort myself out.  Guess i might have to start accepting more seats on the train now!

I did my second round of pregnancy yoga yesterday and have woken up with such sore stomach muscles that I think I may have over-done it on cat-cow. Oh and I  think I fell asleep at least 4 times in the relaxation bit at the end.  Probably not really what you’re meant to be doing, but i did feel very chilled afterwards.

Baby-wise, he’s been squiggling around for a few weeks now.  Not all the time, but enough to know he’s ok in there, and it does seem to be getting more frequent now- Mark’s had a few opportunities to feel it too, so that’s nice.

Prep-wise, we’ve kind of come to a halt… Well, I’ve been buying a few bits each time I’ve gone shopping, like bibs or nappies and the like, but house-wise, after getting the boiler moved, we’ve done very little.  Really need to get that bathroom finished, so we can move on to sorting the baby’s room.  Especially because one of the ladies who is a regular on a forum board I’ve been on, for people who are having babies born in February, has actually had her baby already!  Terrifying really, but terrification aside, if the baby came now, he’d be arriving to me working 12 hour days on a massive website project, an unfinished kitchen and bathroom, and a load of flat pack where his bedroom’s meant to be. Hardly ideal! Still, next week the website will be launched and my work life might not be quite so frantic!

And finally, had my 24/25 week midwife appointment yesterday- not much to write home about again- the usual pee in cup, blood pressure routine, with the additional excitement of having my bump measured and hearing a little heart beat.  All fine and dandy, by all accounts. Well, at least nobody said it wasn’t, and after googling the figures in my notes, i concluded everything was well


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