Reviewing the old finances

Don’t ask me why, but I was having a narcissistic look back through my blog posts from the start of the year, and in particular happened across a little eureka moment I had when I realised I was a bit rubbish with money and needed to make more of an effort to be better.

Almost 10 months on from the post, I thought it was time for a wee roundup!

With the knowledge that I’ll be variously on maternity leave, and then probably working part time, I have actually been reining it in a teensy bit, but in the back of my mind, I sort of know that actually my financial situation isn’t looking too dire because I’ve not been spending most of my money on alcohol!

Mark and I put the vast majority of our money into a joint account, which pays the bills and has built up a little bit of a buffer for emergencies, and we leave ourselves with £400 each a month to spend on ourselves, which sounds like quite a nice amount, but which I manage to fritter shamelessly every single time.

Knowing that bills will still need to be paid when our funds are reduced, which in turn will mean the only way forward will be to reduce our ‘pocket money’, I decided I better start trying to tuck some cash away for next year just in case, so decided to effectively divide my cash into four chunks of £100, roughly one chunk per week, but with any money that’s left at the end of the week being transferred back into my savings. One ASOS shop aside (which took ages to get a refund and kind of scuppered my good intentions), I’ve managed to shave a little bit off each week for my buffer fund and am feeling pretty happy.

Looking back at my main ‘problem’ from January, I have actually managed to curb my main problem of having the good intentions but not being bothered to make packed lunches, mainly thanks to stocking up on cuppasoups and freezing bagels for emergency ‘cant be asked to make lunch of a morning’ situations, but I must admit, I have been popping to the shops for naughty snacks on a semi-regular basis (arguing that the baby probably needs haribo)- still, a bi-weekly  haribo habit is definitely cheaper than a whole lunch!

Still, on the positive side, I’m planning for imminent skintness, I’m tucking away a few quid every week and am still having the occasional treat, and I’ve not been anywhere near my overdraft for ages and ages, so that’s all good. The main test will be to make sure I stay inside the lines over Christmas- wish me luck with that one!!



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