The perils of tube travel

I am currently waiting on the platform at St Pauls, having just let a jam packed tube go past.  Might not sound like such a weird situation except if I mention that the reason I’m standing here is because I got off of the half-empty tube before last because a lovely lovely girl at the opposite end of the carriage shouted ‘excuse me, would you like a seat?’ and my knee jerk reaction was to call back ‘Thanks but I’m getting of at the next stop’. What an idiot I am!

I think in my head there’s a vague sense of embarrassment at the fact that I look like I might need a seat but also a bit of guilt that I’m turfing some other poor commuter out of their chair when I’m actually more than happy to stand.

That’s not to say that I don’t think people should offer- I appreciate I’m a pretty abnormal case where pregnant ladies are concerned in that I’ve really felt totally healthy and there a loads of people that would chew their arm off in exchange for sitting, lest they faint or puke on your feet, but I always feel so guilty for turning people down that I end up doing silly things like getting off of trains before my stop.

Guess that means I should just accept the seat and stop feeling bad, doesn’t it! And this also means another thing- I must really look like a proper pregnant lady now rather than a slightly roundy one *grin*


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