On being a principled idiot

I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of ‘those’ pregnant people- You know the type, the perfectly healthy ones who slope in late for work every day for nine months, make a massive fuss about ‘oh I couldn’t possibly do x,y or z- I’m pregnant, dontcha know’, all the while sitting there rubbing their bump like some weird narcissistic buddha.

And so far, I’m pleased to say, I’ve fulfilled my own wish- I’ve lifted and carried (within sensible reason), I’ve not groaned when I get up from my chair, in spite of the fact that I’m finding it tricky to bend over now without gasping for breath and the answer to the question ‘so, how are you feeling?’ has been answered with the very British ‘absolutely fine, thanks for asking’, rather than a rundown of every ache, pain and grumble that I can think of (and there are many!).

But today, I’m wondering if perhaps I might need to start milking it just a tiny bit- Take last night, for example- I worked a couple of hours late at work, came home, slung dinner in the oven and tidied the house while Mark was out at a rugby committee meeting. Not that I’m feeling any ill effects, but I probably could have just gotten away with sitting on the sofa, except this is against my pregnancy principles!

I mentioned this to some of my boy mates today (the fact that I’d worked hard, been super productive yesterday, but then had managed to arrive at the office 20 minutes late due to a combination of traffic, a hair drying conundrum, and an extra few minutes in bed), and they basically said I should come into work late basically until I go on maternity leave, in order to take advantage of my baby-carrying status, because its what every other woman in the whole of christendom does, so why should I miss out on the benefits.

I think they’ve got a point… but I just can’t bring myself to be ‘that person’ who everyone has a bit of a bitch about because they’re not pulling their weight, and so I’m going to carry on regardless, being busy, productive and uncomplaining, partly because I can, but partly because I want to prove that not all pregnant women are sickly, delicate, hormonal baby-brains!


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