Eating everything in sight- the breakfast sandwich edition

I go through definite phases in healthy eating-ness. Sometimes I am virtuous, in a salad, porridge, grilled fish and steamed veg kind of a way, and sometimes I am utter poo. Currently I am utter poo.

I’m going to blame the biscuit tin at work- We’ve had a couple of conferences and meetings, and there are always acres of spare biscuits that find their way up to our offices, which of course I must eat. I’ve also had a silly amount of takeaways, a potato sack’s worth of crisps and found this brilliant cookie spread in tescos (basically vanilla nutella with bits of cookie crumbled up in it), which have turned my virtuous snack of choice (rice cakes) into something akin to a biscuit. Sigh. Must try harder!

This little breakfast number, while not my greatest achievement, does have the added bonus of having bananas AND strawberries… and only a little bit of chocolate- Given my recent form, this is practically health food

Chocolate and Banana Toastie


Want a recipe? (if you can call this a recipe!)

OK, two slices of bread
Three cubes of galaxy (chopped in half)
Half a mashed banana
Strawberries for a garnish.

Smear your mashed banana on your bread, strew the galaxy cubes betwixt the mashed banana, top with second slice of bread and whack into your sandwich toaster (I use the George Foreman grill).

Add some strawberries on the side, so you don’t feel too guilty and promise to start eating healthily again tomorrow.




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