A little light yoga

A good few years back, Mr Mark ruptured a couple of disks in his spine. Following a lot of physio he got himself back to some semblance of normality, albeit with the help of copious amounts of pain killers.  Eventually somebody suggested yoga, and three years later, he’s quite a few pain killers lighter and has even managed to make his triumphant return to playing rugby. Very very pleased for him I am too!

He mentioned a few weeks back that his school also offered pregnancy yoga and as at the time I was planning my reluctant but graceful temporary retirement from running (it wasn’t graceful at all. I had the right hump- hadn’t even managed to make it half way through to full term and my back was crying out for mercy) I thought I might give it a go.  A nice bit of gentle stretching sounded just the ticket.

The classes started at 10 to 6 (clearly not catering for the 9-5 commuter like my good self!) which meant leaving work early but my boss was happy for me to make up the time elsewhere so I packed up my redundant trackie bottoms and off I went, taking fellow pregnant buddy Lisa along with me

Side note- its really weird but since i found out I was pregnant, no less than 4 other people I know announced due dates within two months of mine. Weird, eh!

So the verdict?  Well, being about as spiritual as a chicken kiev, the majority of the class was a bit too wafty for me- low lighting, incense, tinkly music etc.  We started off with 10 minutes of just breathing, relaxing various body parts and ‘connecting with the baby’, moved on to some stretches that you did with your eyes closed and it didn’t actually matter how you did it because it was about finding ‘your body’s natural rhythm’, and then 10 minutes of laying on the rock solid floor wrapped in a blanket, while my arm went dead.

In a nutshell, I’ve made it sound really rubbish but I definitely took away some useful stuff for *gulp* labour, like ‘x position will be good for the transition stage’, and scarily ‘this is good for helping you not to tear because it will take pressure off of your perineum’ and I definitely felt more relaxed and stretched out afterwards- I’ve slept better than I have in ages in the days after the class, so I guess all that tinkly music must’ve been good for something!


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