Week 22- getting organised

This week was basically a week of spending… 20 week scan over, I felt brave enough to buy some stuff!

-I bought my first practical items of baby stuff- a multi pack of tshirty things with the poppers underneath and two packets of wet wipes. The glamour!

-We picked up the new car (well,  the new old car) – it’s lovely, and the boot is fricking huge. Plus it has a rear view mirror, a feature sadly lacking in our last automobile

-With the new car and is massive boot we high tailed it to mothercare to buy bedroom furniture that was in the sale,  only to be told that it was delivery only.  Meaning the boot didn’t get used and we’ve already missed the delivery driver with the mattress twice what with WORKING 9-5 MONDAY TO FRIDAY. So now we have to drive past bloody mothercare to collect it from the citylink depot. Beginning to think mothercare are are load of idiots.

-Plans were made for the bathroom.  No money spent as yet,  but bloke to move boiler and electrician have been booked and we started looking at toilets and tiles, that sort of stuff

As well as the spending, Elvis (yeah, we’ve been calling the baby Elvis- even when I didn’t know is it was a boy, he was Elvis, mainly because we like nicknames) has been getting into a little routine of basically ignoring me for most of the morning, kicking a bit in the afternoon and evening,  but only when I’m not expecting it and never more than once in quick succession so if I get a hand down to see if I can feel anything from the outside he gets bored and hides, then curling up in a little ball for a snooze at night.  I know this because when I wake up for one of my many night time wees there’s always a weird hard lump there which I can only assume must be his bum sticking out.

Oh and Mark gave me his cold. Thanks Mark. It’s not properly kicked in yet,  but I can feel the sore throat and runny nose descending upon me. Time for some hot squash, I think.  Hot squash cures everything


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