A scantastic time

Last Friday was scan day.  Scan number 2 to be precise, aka the one where they can look for any ‘anomalies’ but also the one where you can maybe find out if you’re having a boy baby or a girl baby.

Off we went, bladder duly filled with 1 and a half pints of water, arriving bang on time for the appointment, only to have to wait over an hour to be seen. I was getting rather jiggly in the leg department by the end, to try and make all that fluid stay inside me!

Feeling like a seasoned scanning professional, I hopped on the bed, whipped my top up and prepared for the scanning goo. A good thing about my local hospital is they warm the gel up so there’s no sudden intake of breath when it hits you, although it does mean it has the consistency of spunk. Delightful.  A slightly boo point about my local health authority is they only provide one screen at scans- jo at work said she got her own one so she could still have a look while the sonographer was doing her thing.  Mark got to have a good gander too but I got nothing apart from 30 seconds at the start :(. Within that 30 seconds though, I saw a pair of balls go floating past, five seconds before it was announced that we are indeed expecting a boy baby.

The scan continued, everything seemed to be in the right place, I let a student have a go with the equipment (she got a LOT of that gel stuff in my belly button) and finally, blessedly, I got to have a wee, before releasing the news to various relatives.

I was a bit shell shocked to be honest- glad everything was ok, obviously, but if i’m bring truthful I had totally got it into my head that I was having a girl. We had an awesome girls name (two actually- spoiled for choice!), I had seen a cool bedroom colour scheme in the window of mamas and papas that I was intending on replicating in the bedroom and had basically planned that my girl baby and my youngest niece were going to be best mates.  And then I was wrong!

I wasn’t sad, well ok perhaps I was a little bit sad that my carefully laid plans wouldn’t come to fruition- but I fully accept I was being a bit mental in having the plans in the first place- youngest niece might have hated her new lady cousin- how on earth was I expecting to enforce this  friendship exactly? – but I did spend a few days being a bit flummoxed- looking at girl baby clothes in mothercare and vaguely thinking ‘that’ll be me soon’ whenever I saw someone pushing a buggy with a little girl in it and then realising actually it wouldn’t,  and boy baby might look a bit silly in a sparkly pink hat.

I’m still minutely miffed that I wont get to use my awesome girl name.  Seriously, it was brilliant- the right balance of unusual, but not ‘quirky’, and easy to spell but I think I’ve got over myself now- a more boy appropriate colour scheme had been picked, I bought my first item of clothing-  it had flying mooses on it!  Flying mooses I tell you! Names are another matter, no decision there,  but I think I’ve just learned my first parent lesson- don’t try and plan too much because it will generally come and bite you in the arse.


3 thoughts on “A scantastic time

  1. Don’t worry, when your little boy pops on out to say hello, I am certain you wont be thinking about that little girl that you thought he was going to be. I sort of wanted a girl, but when I had my little boy, he totally stole my heart. Now I am not sure I even want a girl at all!

    • Thanks :) I know I’ll love having a boy- my level of convinced-ness on the girl front did throw me a bit though! These things never work out the way you expect!

      • Ha ha! So true! You know, when my little boy popped out, I sort of breathed in a big sigh of relief because I knew I was less likely to by entire shops worth of clothes for him! There was no guarantee I would have been so restrained with a little girl :P

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