Week 20- Almost scan time

And about bloody time! (please nobody mention that there are no more scans from week 20 onwards-technically, the next time I will be seeing this baby it will be outside of me. Now that is a startling thought!)

This was a week when people at work started to notice my increasing roundiness (one of the eagle-eyed maintenance men collared me, in fact), but I’m still not fat enough to get a sympathy seat on the tube and out of sheer pig-headedness, I won’t ask for one, even though I really felt like I was going to faint 25 minutes into my journey today. My dear darling mother said this was the stage where you ‘look big, but people don’t know if it’s pregnant big or fat big’. Thanks mum.

I also realised that I’ve not bought a single solitary thing for the baby yet- I’ve got some free stuff, a few donations, and randomly a pair of baby-sized socks that I assume were meant to be a present for someone else’s new arrival, but haven’t actually spent any money at all. Well, technically speaking, we did buy a new car, which could be considered as ‘for the baby’, and almost definitely isn’t because me and Mark wanted a new car and First Direct were doing a really good deal on bank loans.

A side note on the car front- time taken to pick car- approximately 2 hours of research (by Mark, mainly on his mobile phone while sitting on the toilet over the past couple of weeks) and 1 viewing/test drive. Time taken to pick pushchair- currently approximately 15 hours and no decision in site

Oh, and we’ve got prices for having the boiler moved, so we can fit a bath in the bathroom. This too is obviously for the baby’s benefit, and not because Mark really likes to avoid watching Downton Abbey of a Sunday by having a really long bath!

Still, scan day is tomorrow, and once I know all is definitely well, I think I’ll treat myself to some kind of outfit. I mean treat the baby. The baby!



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