Week 17 (Which is actually week 18)

A week when actually I realised I’m not in week 17 at all- I signed up to the mothercare baby club and as well as an email inviting me to download my money off vouchers (link didn’t work, grrr, and their website seems devoid of email addresses so I couldn’t even ask what I was doing wrong), I got an email welcoming me to week 18 of pregnancy.  After a bit of wrangling with the semantics I realised that yep, they’re right- I’m 17 weeks pregnant, but technically I’m now ‘in’ week 18… Oh well.

So what’s new for week 18? Well,  I felt extremely grateful at the weekend that I’ve had such a breeze of a time thus far. Saw one of our friends at a wedding who is just a few short weeks behind me in the baby stakes and she looked really pretty sorry for herself- said she’d been really suffering for the last 7 odd weeks and ended up going home at 10pm because she’d just had enough! I’m feeling a bit guilty now!

I also tried out a couple of pairs of maternity tights. In a nutshell, so far I have discovered that m&s tights are huge and h&m are just not comfortable.  Reviews in full to follow

Because of the whole ‘feeling dandy’ situation, I still have that old underlying feeling of thinking something must be going wrong in order for me to feel this normal, coupled with the fact that looking at a thread I was on on the almighty mumsnet for other mums to be in February, everyone else due in the same week as me seemed to have gotten their first signs of movement a week ago, so I was a tiny bit ecstatic when I felt a couple of really weird but very distinct bubbles popping in my midriff.  After a few minutes ruling out the possibility that my digestive system was just having a massive joke I concluded that it must have been the baby!

Also coming up on the horizon is the 20 week scan. As well as being in the main a diagnostic test to make sure everything is well, we are very very aware that it’ll be the time when we might be able to find out if we’re going to be having a boy or a girl. And we will be finding out! Full respect due if you’d rather not know, but my attitude is partly one of practicality, so we can cut out 50% of potential names and maybe buy some clothes (I know boys can wear pink, but I can’t help but think they’d look a bit odd in a dress), and partly one of some strange sense of nurturing. I just feel like it’ll be easier to relate to ‘he’ or ‘she’ and as Ive have an unfounded hunch that its going to be ‘she’, I think I’d rather know sooner than later if im wrong, so I don’t get too ‘attached’ to the wrong gender!


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