Week 16

A week in which I went to see a midwife, possibly developed a bump and tried out maternity tights

Week 16 commenced on Saturday. I can still fit in my jeans and when I was dressed, really thought I was looking no different to normal.  Apparently not- popped round to see my mum who wasted no time in giving my tum a rub, while I flapped my arms around and whinged ‘stoppit now’ in increasingly desparate tones. The same thing happened when I saw my sister’s mum in law, but politeness stopped me from flapping even though I really wanted to. Had a lovely old time with my sister and mum discussing the merits of various prams and working out what stuff I might need to buy

Sunday saw what I believe could be termed as ‘extreme nesting’. Me and Mr Mark cleared out all our wardrobes, followed by the spare bedroom, followed by the study (which had been designated the baby’s room). After a mammoth trip to the recycling centre we decided to have a quick look in mothercare at prams.  Utterly baffling- I’m going to need to create some kind of matrix to weigh up the pros and cons of the relative types. Mark, meanwhile looked on the situation as am excuse to start looking at new cars as ‘surely ours is on its way out’ (it probably is- it’s about 15 years old,  but I am anti this mentality that when you have babies you must but a ‘family car’. Ugh).

Monday saw me at midwife appointment number 2. Only 40 minutes into the clinic and they were already inexplicably running half an hour late. I ended up being in there about 5 minutes- tick tick tick, blood test results all fine, blood pressure dandy, wee in pot, write on notes ‘ask if any questions’ without actually asking me if I had any (I didn’t, but still!), wave bye bye. Granted if I had any issue or problems the midwife appointments would be brilliant but seeing as my first two have been entirely problem free and felt like a bit of a tick box exercise,  I’m feeling vaguely resentful of having to take time off at the moment

This was also the week when I tried out maternity tights. They arrived in the bag of clothes that my sister provided a few weeks back and while very comfy in the bumpal area (normal tights were digging in and falling down all over the show), they had massive seams down about 6 inches of inner thigh, which wasn’t good in any way shape or form! Surely they can’t all be like that… I sense some intensive research coming on


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