Week 15- some free stuff!

I had heard about various websites and mailing lists that you can sign up to in order to be showered with freebies and eventually my hatred for junk mail won out over my love of sample-sized toiletries and I signed up to Emmas Diary. Jo at my office, who’s about 10 weeks ahead of me in baby terms ended up picking up two of the booklets at a doctor’s appointment and gave one to me.  With the exception of the ‘diary’ bit, written by the clearly imaginary and slightly irritating Emma, the rest of the booklet was really handy with loads of information for the clueless and I merrily signed up for an online profile and downloaded my first of 3 vouchers.

A tip- the online sign up only asks for minimal information, as opposed to the paper form in the book, which practically asks for your partner’s shoe size.

Voucher downloaded I merrily skipped off to argos on my lunch break to be rewarded with free nappies, a massive pack of wet wipes, baby bath stuff and stretch mark cream. I heart free stuff.

I tried to sign up to Bounty too as Jo said she’d got some awesome freebies but apparently you get the vouchers in a pack from your midwife. Mine didn’t give me one at the first appointment and Im feeling a bit shallow about asking ‘for my free stuff, please, nurse’ so will be looking for another way to get that one.

Another thing of note this week- my digestive system seems to be playing games- if im not starving hungry then I’m full to the point that I can’t breathe,  and sometimes both- yesterday I’ll swear the bottom half of my stomach was demanding food while the top half seemed intent on crushing my lungs.  Surely that’s not even biologically possible… and surely the baby’s far too small to be getting in the way?!


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