Week 14- Sciatica Strikes

Still determined to get through everything with minimum fuss and maximum normality, I was brushing off anyone that said ‘ooh you shouldn’t be lifting that’- after copious amounts of time on Google I just couldn’t find much of anything to support the theory that lifting things=bad.

So after a few days of well, normal stuff, carrying shopping in from the car, picking up the odd box of stuff at work and at one point, getting annoyed with someone because they tried to stop me from picking up a patio chair, I was starting to get a pain in the bum.

I’ve had sciatica in the past before, usually after a week long conference which involves lots of mega heavy lifting and dragging around a lot of luggage, but it tends to disappear after a few stretches and, obviously, a week off of lumping boxes around.

Now,  however, even my handbag was giving me gyp! I was turning into a delicate little pregnant flower. Bah!

I turned to Mr Mark, his encyclopaedic knowledge of things that are good for a bad back and basic knowledge of yoga and I tried out a few moves- cat and cow, and this one where you lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent, put your foot on the opposite knee, in a sort of triangle,  then reach through the gap, around your thigh and stretch gently.  A bit hard to explain, but I think it’s called a periformus stretch if you want to look it up.  As a caveat, I don’t think lying in your back is good for all pregnant women so don’t do if you feel faint or dizzy!

Happily a week of stretches have seemed to set me straight and I’ll be watching for any niggles… and as much as I hate it, promise faithfully I will ask for help in lifting anything heavier than a can of sprite.


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