Babyland- the story so far

So here I am, a fair chunk into my first pregnancy. Yep, you can expect more of this stuff- it’s quite a big deal in my life right now. Don’t worry- I won’t hate you for unfollowing my blog to avoid baby stuff. My pre-pregnant self would have done just the same, but I make no apologies for including all this jazz!

I’ll be honest, the story so far is really reasonably boring… After many a year of telling anyone that asked that we weren’t really ‘baby people’, Mr Mark and I hit a point where we had decent jobs, a mortgage on a rather nice house, had got married and were… well, pretty settled. I think actually, the reason for all the years of telling people we weren’t really into the whole ‘having children’ thing was basically subterfuge- a sort of self-protection thing in case one day we decided we did want to give it a bash only for it not to happen for us.

Anyway, so earlier this year we got to the aforementioned point when we thought to ourselves, right, a little person or two would be lovely, lets give it a try. And to the surprise of both of us, after a few months of monkeying around, it all came together!

The first 12 weeks continued in a boring kind of a vein- I’ve had none of the ‘traditional’ symptoms of impending baby-dom- no sickness, not even any nausea, no weird metallic taste, going off food, craving odd stuff. Nada, save for screechingly sore boobs, which got un-sore at 12 weeks on the button, one or two bouts of…erm, somewhat explosive poo action (which to be honest isn’t too uncommon an occurrence with me anyway), and a brief penchant for an afternoon nap (again, not too uncommon an occurrence- I love a power snooze on the sofa and think the couple of times I did it when I got in from work was basically trying to take advantage of a situation, rather than anything pregnancy-related!).

We did the first midwife appointment, which was a vague anticlimax (a massive tick-list of questions, wee in a pot, blood pressure, suck blood from body, wave bye bye), and the first scan, at which I breathed a massive sigh of relief as I’d genuinely been dreading the point when the the sonographer would turn to us and said ‘very sorry Mrs Gem, but I’m afraid you must’ve imagined all of this, there’s nothing there’, but thankfully there was definitely something in there, hanging out, and must’ve been very obedient in showing its arms and legs, as we were only in the scanning room for about 10 minutes.

So that’s the story if the first trimester- I know we’ve had it easy so far,  and for that I’m obscenely grateful! Here’s to phase two


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