My usual summer disappearing act

Bonjour! I’ve been gone for quite some time, I’ll agree- must be almost a whole month! Summer is always a bit mental in the Gem house and this one is no different. Here’s a quick roundup of my comings and goings and from here I hope to be a bit more regular with my postage!

After our little trip to Sorrento (with multiple aborted blog posts!) We got back, feet touched the ground, then we rushed off for a fancy dress housewarming, drinks at Mark’s boss’ house in the middle of nowhere, a weekend away with Mark’s family then a brief day in Edinburgh together before Mark flew home and I spent the rest of the week organising a conference.

Back from Edinburgh, we had a pub crawl for Mark’s birthday, then I managed to get a few days out of the office before flying off to sunny Benidorm for a hen do. I’ve basically just got back from that, and have another hen on Saturday (while Mark’s on a stag this weekend) and plenty of other shenanigans besides.

As much as it’s nice to be busy, I’m kind of hoping for a tiny period of chilling- so we might be able to cut the lawn, wash the car and all that other stuff that really should be done. We’ve not even managed to get the garden furniture out of storage yet, which is just making me very sad indeed!

Still, I’m hoping for a more relaxed pace in a couple of weeks, and I might actually be able to breathe and think rather than blindly careering from one event to the next!


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