Back in Sorrento

A PS (but at the front… a first script, rather than a post script… anyway…)- I have somehow managed to put up two entirely blank posts about my holiday- they weren’t blank when I hit ‘publish’, but they are now. I’m a bit annoyed… anyway, until I manage to fix it, this is day 4 of our Italy holiday

After our late night, we decided to have a chilled out day- lemon soda in the main square, an open topped bus ride around sorrento and the surrounding towns, amazing chocolate gelato, a little trip to the only square of beach that wasn’t privately owned so mark could have a dip, while I chilled out with my book (a word to the wise- while the trip down is pretty easy because it’s down hill, it would be a pretty rubbish climb back again-make use of the lift service- literally just a lift inside the cliffs- out only costs a euro) then a beer while it drizzled a bit


Dinner tonight was at the leone rosso, which our friend Hayley had recommended- obviously a good choice because it was packed.  We shared bruschetta and a squid and walnut salad, then I had a massive risotto which I couldn’t finish. Sensing a theme here. This was mainly because of the obscene amount of free stuff that the waiter kept bringing out- pizza slices, bread,  garlic pizza bread… Then when we didn’t want dessert we were presented with a profiterole each which was very kind,  but I genuinely thought I was going to cry as I was eating it- damn thing just wouldn’t fit in! We finished off with espresso and limoncello and then rolled home for a massive sleep


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