Holiday countdown is on

Just four days until I’m leaving on a jet plane. I know when I’ll be back again though- next Tuesday. We’re off to Sorrento which I’m a little bit pleased about because I’ve never been to Italy before. On the other hand, I’m vaguely not looking forward to it because I have so much to do and not enough time to do it in- is always the way, isn’t it- you have to work twice as hard as usual in the lead up to a holiday to make amends for having a week off.

So far this holiday has been a little bit troublesome anyway… We were meant to be going for a wedding, but that got called off back in February, unfortunately, just after we had booked our flights.  The groom offered to pay us back for the flights but we decided to keep them and just go on holiday- can’t believe some people took him up on the reimbursement offer- talk about kicking a man when he’s down! By this point I’d already booked a hotel, read the reviews on, panicked and cancelled it (thankfully a little bit of pleading meant we didn’t have to pay any surcharge). The wedding was due to be held in a different town, Ravello, so we decided to allay any potential problems with running into the ex bride to be’s family we decided to move to sorrento- move number 2.
Then yesterday, I got a phone call from (I highly recommend the site for hotels by the way- customer service is second to none!) Because the new hotel wanted to know our arrival time. I knew at the back of my mind that we needed to have checked in by 8, as it’s only a little b and b with no 24 hour reception, and as our flight didn’t land until 8.30 had fully intended on emailing but just kept forgetting.  Anyway, we managed to get check in time extended until 10 but decided even that would be a stress- if the flight got delayed, we’d be locked out for the night, so we decided to book a night in Naples and carry on in the morning.  Phew!

So now it’s just onwards to an epic week of busy times, before I even get a whiff of holiday spirit!


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