Happy birthday to me


A belated happy birthday to me, for yesterday I turned 32, and I’m pleased to say I felt very spoiled.

Had a lovely chilled out day commencing with tea and presents in bed- lots of lovely stuff from the inlaws, the garmin forerunner I knew I was getting from Mark, and somewhat brilliantly, a surprise in the shape of sims 3. Very exciting, I am a massive fan of the Sims and expect to waste great swathes of the coming weeks tending to my imaginary family.


After a wee bit of a lay in, I took the forerunner for a gentle 2 mile spin- more on that to come, watched my crap telly of choice (homes under the hammer), started installing my sims, which took flipping ages, then took myself off to my mum’s for a spot of lunch and some more presents! I knew most of the things I was getting, because I picked them, but here’s a little selection…

Gold necklaces from Dorothy Perkins- one long one short
Navy blue and lolly pop print dress- Henry Holland
Black and pink floral dress- Ossie Clark
Dark blue fan print dress- Tenki
Tan woven sandals- Primark

All the dresses hailed from Debenhams, and the Ossie Clark one particularly I have coveted for months- could not have afforded it is it weren’t for a happily placed bank holiday sale and generous birthday present givers.

After a spot of lunch and a spot of shopping, mark for back from work and we settled in at mums for an immense curry, several glasses of prosecco, and a few argumentative games of cards.

A very chilled birthday was not over- I’ve managed to extend it for 48 hours! I park ran with the new watch, had a massive fried breakfast, a small nap and had an amazing dinner cooked courtesy of marky Mark- tea-smoked trout on mustard-dressed potatoes and rocket salad, with chocolate and ginger bombe for finishes and a very nice sauvignion blanc!




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