The breakfast files

I seem to be amassing quite a collection of pictures of my breakfast. I was in the Debenhams cafe with my sister at the weekend and announced that I was going to take a picture of my breakfast, to document my day.  ‘Why?’ She asked ‘do you put them online or something?’. ‘no’, said I, not untruthfully. Well they weren’t technically on line yet, but if truth be told, I’m a little bit coy about admitting my blogging exploits to my nearest and dearest, in case they thought I was a bit weird. Anyway, I digress- it made me realise that for strange reasons I have taken a lot of photos of my breakfast, so I may as well show some of them off- Here’s my weekend in breakfasts….


Saturday- the Debenhams cafe extravaganza.  4 items of fried goods of your choice, and a slice of toast. In picture form, Laurens looks a bit more pathetic than mine- the beans were a good addition to pad things out. Service was crap in a way that only a department store cafe can be- slow but sweetly apologetic, but we got bumper portions of under-mixed eggs to make up for the wait.

The reasoning behind our early morning (ish… it was 10.30) shopping trip was ostensibly so we could buy each others’ birthday presents (were born on the same day but 2 years apart- neat, eh?!), but actually it was a cunning ruse so I could get her out of the house for a few hours while her husband, the rest of the fam and the in laws got things ready for a surprise party.  I played my part beautifully, if I do say myself, and she didn’t suspect a thing! SURPRISE!


And Sunday- home-based fry up and another beany extravaganza- plus a slightly ruined fried egg-i blame Mark for that-it was all gooey on the top. I would like to point or at this juncture that I don’t generally have two cooked breakfasts in a weekend, but this was a special occasion.  Plus we didn’t have any milk or bread so couldn’t have toast or cereal.  Shame that. We complemented our Sunday breakfast by pottering around the garden in the sunshine, indulging in a spot of decorating and doing other lazy Sunday activities while the weather was nice


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